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Resources for Writers

One of the strangest things about getting professionally published is I suddenly find myself continually asked for advice. I consider this odd, since I think of myself as a sophomore at best in the publishing industry. I simply don't feel qualified to dole out broad-stroke advice. However, I can point you to resources online that I have found useful (or would have found useful when I was starting out).

You'll probably notice that most of these links are part of larger sites, which abound in additional information that you can explore. I'm of the opinion that a writer can never know too much, so I encourage you to wander through links and see what else strikes you as worthwhile.

This list will undoubtedly grow, especially if you suggest sites to me that I may not yet have discovered.


The Craft of Writing (with emphasis on information for new and upcoming writers) The Business of Writing Advanced Topics Writers' Tools

This list would not be possible without all the people who helped me discover these links. I just need to say thanks to each and every one of them!

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